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Vision & Provision

With focus on young adults ages 18-30, we create a holistic supportive social network that empowers under-served young adults through programs focusing on improving intellect, living a healthy life, and building and flourishing careers.


A life of balance is key to conquering adulthood which is accomplished through discovering your purpose and letting it lead you. This is done through a healthy support system that provokes success through a positive environment and intentional enlightenment; whether on your own or by influence.


I Am Whole is here to connect you to your journey to balance in adulthood with a social network to empower you. 


Daily activities online and throughout Baltimore City/County that promote physical health and stress reduction for young adults. 


Balanced fit life group

Walking with you on your wellness journey in our Facebook Group! 

Here we will give workout tips, diet information, host discussions, share videos, and the CEO Ashley White will be documenting her wholeness journey through Hope and Help Talks! Bring a friend, posts your own workouts and progress and will get through all of this together!